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  • Is there any criteria to register? Does our club need to qualify?
    The objective of this tournament is to bring clubs from around the world, irrespective of their competition level, under one roof and to give players a chance to travel together which they otherwise wouldn't get. Keeping that in mind there is no criteria to register and it is open to all clubs playing regular Indoor Cricket. However, please refer to the Competition Level section to read more on how we intend to ensure level headed teams competing against each other.
  • Can a centre/stadium enter its team?
    Yes, centre’s/stadium’s can enter a team on its nam
  • Can we name our team after a country?
    No, you may not name your team after a country, but you may name a team after a state/city/town/district, as long as there is a prefix or suffix. Eg. Perth Tornadoes or Rising Jo’Burg
  • Can a club enter more than one team?
    Yes, a club can enter multiple teams, either within the same category, or across different categories.
  • Will you have local clubs from Dubai playing?
    Yes, depending on the final number of entries received globally, we will fill in the remaining spots with local teams. We will enter atleast 1 team each in Men’s Open, Women’s Open & Men’s Masters.
  • Is there any age limit on the Men’s & Women’s Open categories
    No, there is no age limit for these categories.
  • What is the criterion for Men’s Over 40s?
    Those born before 1st May 1983 will be eligible in the Men’s Over 40s category.
  • What must we do once we are ready to confirm our team?
    Please send an email to and copy or contact us via the website. We will revert back to you with registration forms and other formalities.
  • Once we have confirmed our team, who will communicate on a regular basis with us?
    Manish, Matt and an event co-ordinator will be in regular contact with the teams. However to limit confusion, we ask that teams nominate just one individual to represent them. The individual may be a captain, player, or a local coordinator.
  • Are teams registered on first-come-first-served basis?
    Yes, registration is on first-come-first-served basis. The organizers reserve the right to close entries at its own discretion.
  • How many matches can we expect to play over the week?
    Men’s Open & Women’s Open are guaranteed to play 7 games over the week, with the final number of games depending on the format adopted.
  • What is the format of the tournament?
    The format of the tournament will be announced based on the final number of teams taking part. For example, if we close the Women’s competition with 8 teams, that would mean teams play 7 league games followed by semi-final and finals. On the other hand, if we close it at 12 teams, we may pool the teams into 2 groups. That would give teams 5 league games, after which teams would advance into a Cup & Plate knockouts with 2 additional games assured.
  • Does an open tournament like this ensure matches are competitive?
    Whilst we do not want to discriminate among teams, we are mindful of making this a competitive tournament. Therefore, we intend to seed teams based on their skill level to ensure teams are playing within a similar competition level. Upon your club’s confirmation, Matt Henderson will get in touch with you to discuss and get more insights about your teams skills and competitive level. If the information is satisfactory, we may seed your team prior to your arrival. However, we reserve the right to seed your team after witnessing a warm up match scheduled for Sunday 23rd April 2023.
  • I do not have a team to represent in this competition. Can I still take part?
    Yes, we are creating teams combining individual players from around the world. Please get in touch with us to take you through the process.
  • Is the squad limited to 10? Can we bring 12?
    Considering that all players in the squad would want to play an equal number of games, we have proposed a squad of 10. However, we have no objection for a squad of 12.
  • Will there be an additional cost for the 11th & 12th player?
    Yes, each additional player must pay USD 1,000 which covers the tournament fee, accommodation & local transport cost, insurance & closing party fee.
  • Can we bring a Team Manager, Coach and/or Trainer with us?
    Yes, teams can be accompanied by a Team Manager, Coach and/or Trainer. There will be a cost of USD 100 per person applied for Team Clothing only.
  • What if we have only 8 players that can make the trip?
    Please get in touch with us, and we will help you get 2 more players to complete the squad of 10.
  • What if we have injuries in between the tournament which reduces our squad size?
    Should a team face injuries and shortage of players to field a playing 8, U-Pro will local players to fill in.
  • Are the dates confirmed?
    We took feedback from clubs and players around the world to determine the most ideal dates for this tournament, and we are confident we have arrived at the best option.
  • Can we arrive later and leave earlier?
    As long as you have arrived in time to attend the warm up matches and tournament briefing on Sunday 23rd April 2023, you should be okay. Similarly you can leave as soon as the tournament ends on Friday 28th April 2023.
  • Will we be given access to courts for additional training or sessions within this package?
    Yes, U-Pro will provide additional sessions, subject to availability, at no extra cost.
  • Are there medics on site?
    Yes, Steven Boyd, a certified medic with the South African National Team, along with his lady assistant will be on site to take care of any medical emergencies or attending to any injuries.
  • Will the medics help with strapping?
    Yes, strapping will be available at a nominal cost of USD 5 per player per day.
  • Does the venue have insurance and third party coverage?
    Yes, the venue has insurance and third party coverage. The competition itself will be insured too.
  • Is the venue air-conditioned considering the warm weather in Dubai?
    Yes, the venue is fully air-conditioned and also has additional cooling technologies to ensure a comfortable time inside.
  • How many courts are there at U-Pro?
    We have 4 cricket courts.
  • Will there be adequate seating arrangements at U-Pro?
    We will have arena seating for up to 500 people at any given time.
  • Will there be adequate area for warm ups, warm downs?
    The centre also hosts 2 football pitches and a multi-purpose court which will be made available for players to use.
  • Are there F&B options at the venue?
    Yes we have Pressman’s; a salad & sandwich bar at the centre. We will also add one or two food carts for the event. Dubai do not provide liquor permits in local sports centres, but we will apply for one anyways and will keep this forum updated.
  • What will the daily match schedule look like?
    Games will begin at 8 AM local time every-day with the last game ending by 9 PM.
  • How many matches are we expected to play in a day? This would help us plan our daily excursions?
    We would ask that you plan around 2 games per day. We will try to limit the turnaround time between both games to a maximum of 2 hours. That will ensure that you have ample time for local excursions.
  • You have mentioned excursions on 2 days, are those covered in the package?
    We are aware that teams and players would love the opportunity to explore Dubai and its attractions. Therefore, we have mentioned excursions on 22nd & 29th April 2023 for you to plan your trip accordingly. These are for individuals to plan and is not covered in the Tournament Fee.
  • Is there a Tournament Director appointed for this event?
    Our ambition is to make this a top annual competition and therefore we are working meticulously to ensure we deliver to our expectations. In lieu of that, we are currently in the process of appointing a reputable tournament director.
  • What are the umpiring standards that we can expect?
    As Dubai has rarely hosted International tournaments, we are still in the process of training our umpires for the big stage. However, without diluting the quality of this event, we will have upto 6 international umpires from around the world to officiate in this competition.
  • Can I nominate our local club or centre umpire?
    Yes, we are accepting nominations of umpires which will be subject to the approval of the Tournament Director. We hope through this competition, we can help umpires experience a truly international tournament.
  • Will the umpires trip be covered by U-Pro?
    At this moment, we are able to commit to bearing 50% of flight costs and the entire cost of local stay and meals for Umpires. They are only expected to take care of the remaining 50% of their flight costs and any other additional expenses they will bear in Dubai.
  • What is the official Tournament ball?
    We will use Burley Super Softs for the tournament. However, should there be supply issues from Burley, we may use an equivalent quality ball from Rocket Australia.
  • Will each inning have a new ball?
    Yes, each inning will be played with a new ball.
  • Why are we being provided clothing? What if we prefer to wear our own kit?
    More often than not, different manufacturers or suppliers will provide varied quality of clothing and indifferent delivery commitments. This not only affects the team’s preparations, but also stresses you out. By maintaining a central system, we will be maintaining our standards by ensuring every team is provided a quality kit to match the scale of the event.
  • Is the clothing covered under the Tournament Fee?
    Yes, the clothing is covered under the Tournament Fee.
  • Do we have to pay extra for customizations?
    No, there is no extra cost for customizations.
  • What customization are we allowed?
    By 1st November 2022 we will provide a document with basic kit designs for teams to refer to. Teams can either choose the same design or send us a reference image of a design they prefer. You may customize the following; · Jersey and trouser design · Jersey and trouser colours Please note that the clothing colours are subject to approval of the organizers to ensure two teams don’t have the same or similar colour/s.
  • What are the logo requirements & guidelines?
    Each team must have a club logo to be used on the kit as well as for marketing purposes. Each team/club has been given the option to have upto 3 sponsor logos on their kit. These are not chargeable from our side and is covered as part of the competition fee. Please refer to the logo guidelines in the entry pack to know the placements.
  • Will we get a sample of the kit to approve?
    Yes, each team will be provided one sample of the kit, couriered to your choice of address. Any additional changes or sample requests will be chargeable.
  • Is it mandatory to go for hotel options provided by the organizers?
    We have only suggested these hotels and by no means do we require teams to stay there. You may also source your own accommodation.
  • Is it mandatory to route local transportation through the organizers?
    We only recommend you to route it through us as we are better equipped to manage seamless transfers between airport, hotel and venue. You may source your own transportation.
  • Is it mandatory to route our visa requirements through the organizers?
    We recommend you to route the visas through Emirates Airlines (if you are travelling with them), or through us to ensure you have no travel issues. However, if you have a reputable travel agent sourcing it for you, please do so at your own discretion. Updated visa guidelines can be checked at the link below;
  • What is covered under the local transportation cost quoted by you?
    We have covered the following; - Airport transfers to and from the Hotel - Venue transfers to and from the Venue on all days - Closing party transfer to and from the Venue
  • Is it mandatory to route our travel insurance through the organizers?
    No, it is not mandatory to route it through us. Some players may have their own travel insurance as part of their credit card benefits, or some may be provided one by the airline. Either ways, we only recommend that you atleast have some sort of travel insurance which covers Covid-19. A Covid-19 cover is essential to ensure you don’t have to bear extra hotel costs or flight change costs should be Covid positive and need to quarantine for a few nights in Dubai.
  • What is the closing party?
    At the conclusion of the competition, you will attend a closing party held at a posh venue in Dubai where you will meet all your fellow participants & hopefully new friends for the last time before everyone travels back home!
  • What is covered in the cost of the closing party?
    The cost includes food and an open bar all night serving alcohol & non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Is it mandatory to attend the party?
    No, it isn't mandatory, but we think you should be there!
  • Are there guests and other attendees allowed to attend the party?
    Yes, guests, friends and families are welcome to attend at the same cost of USD 60 per head.
  • We would like to advertise our participation in the Club World Series locally? Are we allowed to use the competition name & logo?
    Yes, we encourage clubs and centres to use the Club World Series name and logo to promote their participation. We believe this will help generate more interest in the long run to help the Indoor Cricket eco-system and to rejuvenate the sport. The PDF version of the logo can be downloaded from the home page.
  • What are the payment deadlines for the Tournament Fee?
    Tournament registration fees need to be paid on the following dates; 50% by 27th February 2023 Balance 50% by 27th March 2023
  • What are the payment deadlines for the accommodation costs?
    If you are booking your accommodation at the hotel we recommended, we would require payment on the following dates; 50% by 27th March 2023 Balance 50% by 15th April 2023
  • What about other payments such as local transportation, closing party insurance?
    If you are routing these bookings through us, we will raise an invoice for you to make payment, no later than 27th March 2023.
  • What about other payments such as local transportation, closing party insurance?
    If you are routing these bookings through us, we will raise an invoice for you to make payment, no later than 31st March 2023.
  • Can you bill each player individually to pay for all costs other than air travel?
    Yes, we are happy to bill and collect individual payments if it helps you!
  • Where must all payments be made?
    All payments must only be made into this account after receiving an invoice from us. Account Name : United Pro Sports LLC Bank Name : First Abu Dhabi Bank Account Number : 1031321873080010 IBAN Number : AE-89-035-103-132-1873080-01-0 Swift Code : NBADAEAAXXX Payments made to any other account and without a valid invoice & receipt will not be considered.
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