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Indoor Cricket, or Action Cricket as some call it, has been actively played around the world for close to 4 decades and club cricket has been the bedrock of our game! However, while there has been strong emphasis for state competitions, and to represent one's country, club cricket hasn't got its due! With that in mind, I am proud to launch the Club World Series. This annual competition will bring together clubs from around the world under one roof in Dubai - to play the game we love, to make new friends and to celebrate diversity! I am extremely proud to partner with CICA, Hiran de Mel and Matt Henderson to put together this event. With our 4 recently relayed pitches, well - tensioned nets, the world's most advanced Decision Review System for Indoor Cricket, and other advancements, this will truly be a unique experience for all participants. We have put together all the information that we think you require to plan your trip. If you require any additional information or need us to help you make any special arrangements, please feel free to get in touch directly with me. I am available on call, WhatsApp or email! The entire team and I personally, will ensure that we work diligently to deliver a world-class event for all teams.



My warm welcome to Indoor cricketers from around the globe. Here’s bringing you exciting news of a whole new concept and creating opportunities to compete whilst enjoying playing the sport you love most. Hosted by U-Pro in Dubai one of the finest destinations in the world, in their state-of - the-art facility, the inaugural Club World Series will be launched in April 2023. I’m indeed honored to be a part of this event and extend my sincere thanks to ‘think tank’ Manish Kishore, whom I have a lot of confidence in. I know that, Manish together with U-Pro has the capability set to deliver a World Class Championship. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on international work and know his passion and energy in working towards the end goals with meticulous planning. I have been fortunate to be a part of World Indoor Cricket since 2001 and I’m excited myself to be able to bring a new dimension to Indoor Cricket - to support those with aspirations representing the Club circuits from around the world. We are hopeful that this Championship will encourage and attract teams from as many Indoor Cricket playing countries in the World where the best club players from around the world will showcase their skills in this historic event which will also set the trend for future Club World Series events.






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1.Current Indoor Cricket climate


It has felt like to me that over the recent years, Indoor Cricket has taken a hit. Like so many other sports currently in the World there is concerns about its future. For me though I feel a renewed sense of energy. After my recent trip to Dubai earlier this year, the announcement of the World Cup, the opening up of travel around the World and peoples need to connect, I think there is a resurgence coming.


2.Recent Developments


On that note, I believe there is plenty to be optimistic and excited about. With how UAE are doing in the sport, and the emergence of IPL style tournaments that is creating huge engagement in the sport over there. Put together the announcements and the running of successful International series (Sri Lanka, South Africa, England and Singapore) during a World Cup year has myself feeling that UAE maybe the light needed in the sport right now.


3.Developments at U-Pro


With that experience behind me now I cannot wait to inject myself further into the sport with the announcement of the Indoor Cricket Academy+ (ICA+ ) and the opportunity to coach England at the World Cup later this year. I would by lying if I didn’t say that I have been nothing but impressed with every single interaction I have had with Manish and the team at U-Pro. The standard being set there currently in terms of how things are run, the quality of the centre and what this could mean for cricket going forward is incredible. The “PASSION TO PLAY” can be seen at every level of the organisation and I feel that fits really well with the passionate people inside our sport. I cannot wait for the opportunity to share what is being done here in the upcoming Club World Series.

4.Why Dubai?


Dubai is perfectly set up and located to bring the game of Indoor to the World OR maybe it’s about bringing the World of Indoor to Dubai. With its central location, it is clearly a brilliant place for the World to connect around the game. Dubai is a single travel leg away from every country in the world. While the game is being rebuilt around the World, can we use the connections here in Dubai, the infrastructure and the energy UAE is creating to spark something in our sport again?


5.What can the club World Series do for clubs?


I can think of so many brilliant players and genuine people in our sport, our community, who haven’t had the thrill of being part of a team playing overseas. I will never forget my first trip overseas competing, meeting people just as passionate as I was from all over the World, there really is nothing better. The way Indoor Cricket is set up currently these opportunities are only available to the elite BUT NOT ANY MORE. Imagine your club, 10-12 of you traveling half way around the World to play in a tournament that will rival any International tournament there has been before. Your chance to experience that and have a trip of a lifetime.


6. How can Individuals get involved?


While creating the Club World Series we have also seen an opportunity for the individual. The Barbarians ICC(BICC) has been created for any individual from throughout the world wishing not to miss out on an experience like this. So we are calling players from all over the globe to join the BICC and be the first truly International club side to compete in an International event.

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